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Brave 2019

30 Nov, 2019 easyfreegame No Comments

How make money with brave browser :

-Brave Pays you to just install and use their browser for the 30 days of time period then automatically wallet will be updated with 5$ of Bat token every month.
-Giving free airdrop of worth 5$ bat token in their browser just for using it.
-Offering an Affiliate a Program in which you can refer another desktop user to download & install it & you will earn 5$ for each referral.

You are Part of Bat publisher program users can tip you Bat tokens.

Step 1: Download Brave Browser

Step 2: Create an account Click here
Step 3: Add Channel Make money (website or youtube..)

Step 4: Get your referral link

Step 5: Start Sharing with friend Earn Money from Brave browser.

Channel Will Be Verified with-in 24 to 48 Hours make sure you have some marketing content related to Bat or brave browser otherwise it can cause a delay in the verification process.

How to Withdraw

Brave browser will pay via coin bat, then you will withdraw to your bank account anywhere in the world. You sign up for an Uphold coin account.

Uphold is new launched Virtual Bank, Powers you to send/receive & Store your Money safely in various currencies like USD, bitcoin, EURO it’s same like PayPal or Webmoney further they are providing you virtual Debit Card.

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